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We make quality iService available for everyone, so that you can get back in touch!

A ready inventory of original replacement parts and spares enable us to provide One Hour turnaround repair service to our clients for Apple iPad repair in Santacruz.

Our iService technical team are trained and qualified at different levels. We have made an investment in chip level training for certified MacBook repair in Santacruz.

To boost reliability of our repair, we use original OEM replacement parts and spares for all service and repair, right from MacBook repair to Apple watch repair in Santacruz.

A convenience that iService offers our clients is free pick-up and drop of your device across Mumbai. Navigate the menu and schedule pick-up for iPhone repair in Santacruz.

To ensure that there in minimum interruption in your day, we offer onsite repair and drop across Mumbai. Navigate the menu and schedule onsite iPad repair in Santacruz.

Our price estimates are lower than authorized service centers and questionable third party outfits for MacBook repair in Santacruz when it comes to the exact same work.

We will not charge for non-invasive diagnosis, device testing and troubleshooting, be it for an iOS related issue, MacOS matter or for Apple MacBook repair in Santacruz.

In the highly improbable event that we can't service or repair your device, we will not charge you a dime, be it for iPhone repair or for Apple Watch Repair in Santacruz.

We provide highly secure fire and burglar resistant safes for overnight storage of your devices, so that your devices are secure in event of an unlikely force majeure event.

We issue GST Invoices for all service, accessories and iPhone repair in Santacruz. The benefit is that it helps you to offset your GST liability with GST Tax Credit for your repair.

Our Multi-Channel customer service platform enables us respond to customer queries, inquiries or warranty claims via phone, SMS, Email, WhatsApp and Google Messaging.

We have a pervasive presence around Mumbai and Thane. This enables us honor your warranty and support you from any iService owned Apple Service Center in Mumbai.

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